If you’re arriving early, need lunch or staying after the reunion we have some suggestions for you.  The Hotel has a restaurant just beside the lobby and also a beach restaurant.  Some other options are: Shooters, Pizzeria, Redneck Bistro, Frydayz, and the Valley Food and Drink Co. See below for all the details!

Canthooks restaurant

If you are staying at the hotel they have a restaurant called Canthooks located on -site just beside reception.  They have a Cordon Bleu chef on site the majority of the time. The food is considered casual fine dining and will be top notch!  Menu at Hotel

Also at the hotel, if you walk across the road over to the beach, they have a the Boathouse Bar & Grill open 10am to 6pm.  They serve hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, fries ice cream etc.  So for a quick lunch, this is the place, plus you can enjoy your meal right on the water.  Boathouse Bar Gill

Redneck Bistro

The Redneck Bistro has been in Calabogie for about 4 years, it’s a fantastic restaurant which also sells the beer they make across the street! They are the only restaurant in town that serves up a big breakfast meal.  The hotel does serve breakfast also but it’s not like the ‘manly’ breakfast that Joe and Laurie like 🙂  The breakfast and lunch menu prices range from $8.00-$18.00 dinner can be up to $25.00 Redneck Bistro   They are located very close to front street right beside the lake.  12609 511, Calabogie, ON K0J 1H0  It would take about 6 minutes from the hotel.  

Calabogie Brewing Company

If you like to try different types of beer why not stop by the  Calabogie Brewing  Co. Passion for craft drives us. Breaking through boundaries and seizing the best of styles and taste is our mission. We are not afraid to risk, to push, to seize great ideas in brewing and realize the beers they embody. From our award winning and limited release barrel ageing program to our ground breaking Canadian-first Lambic, and everything in between, we seek a beautiful expression of the brew craft.

Monday–Thursday: 1pm – 5pm    Friday: 11am – 6pm  Saturday–Sunday: 11am – 5pm

**Located directly across from the Redneck Bistro**      12612 Lanark Rd  Calabogie, ON K0J 1H0

Shooters bar and grill

Shooters is a well known restaurant to locals.  It is fully licensed and serves lunch and dinner.  Portions are usually generous and prices very reasonable and they have a kids menu.  In fact, if you have young kids that like to move around…this is a great place for a meal.   4988 Calabogie Rd, Calabogie, ON K0J 1H0

Valley food and drink company

The Calabogie Lodge Resort has a restaurant called The Valley Food and Drink Co. this lodge is right on Calabogie Lake, in fact if you sit in the restaurant and look out you will see the Barnett Cottage across the bay.  They have free wifi. Valley Food & Drink Co  We don’t really know of anyone who has ventured into the Valley Food restaurant lately so we can’t comment on the food.

They are located right beside the LCBO, just look for the red roofs you can’t miss it.  729 Mill St, Calabogie, ON

Lunch: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. & Dinner 5:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. ~Wednesday to Sunday .

Breakfast: 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. ~Saturday & Sunday

Pizza and Ice cream?!

The best place to get Pizza and Ice Cream?  The Calabogie Pizzeria and Ice Cream Bar of course!! It is located directly across from Shooters and the pizzeria is upstairs, just park on the side and walk up the ramp.  The store is on the bottom level.  You can eat inside or outside on the picnic tables.  This is a great place for kids, you can get banana splits, single scoops, pop, chips, subs, pizza, donairs, salads all the good stuff! Prices are very reasonable and the staff are friendly  The are open from at 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.  Pizzeria


The only place to get super greasy fries or poutine is Frydayz. located right on the highway in front of Fawn Ridge Camp ground.  You can eat at the picnic tables on site.  This really is what it looks like just deep fried fries!  Enjoy.