Almost everyone should have a place to stay. If not, we can help.  For privacy reasons we will just leave the rooming list on the email chain.  Kathy does need 7 days notice if you are cancelling your room.

Hotel Tour

Inside and around the hotel there are many things you can do. If you think you could be the next Milos Raonic show off your skills at the tennis courts as admission is free, there are 2 grass courts and one basketball hoop/street hockey place. It is directly next to the hotel, we don’t know if the hotel supplies rackets or tennis balls but Kim and Joe have extras in case you don’t have any. While walking there you will go across a nice short walkway that gives a view of a small pond near the hotel. It is all free of charge even if you are not staying the hotel.


You are not allowed to have bonfires at Barnet cottage you can have them at Kim and Joey’s or the hotel. If you are having a bonfire at the hotel you can ask the front office for assistance or set it up yourself since there is extra firewood. Although you must bring your own marshmallows and other treats for the best experience!

Pool and Hot tub/ Fitness room

If you’re not so keen to dip your toe in the lake just yet there is a pool so that you can at least swim! This pool goes down to 6 feet however we do not know the exact measurements it is like your normal average indoor pool. Right outside of it there is a hot tub that looks like a square.(look at photo) There is a fitness room right next to this pool. This is all included in your stay.